About Northbrook Endodontics

Northbrook Endodontics is a practice limited to endodontic therapy within The Northbrook Clinic, a long established centre of dental excellence.

Established in 1994 by Dr John A Lordan, member of the American Board of Endodontics, Northbrook Endodontics comprises an expert staff committed to saving your teeth and administering fast and effective pain relief.

Northbrook Endodontics has a City Centre location in the village of Ranelagh, Dublin 6 and it is easily reached by car, luas, bus and on foot.

Our Mission

We endeavour to provide you with a comfortable root canal experience in a caring and attentive environment that focuses on your well-being and peace of mind at each stage throughout your root canal treatment.

Why Choose Us

      • Specialist root canal treatment in Dublin City Centre
      • American trained specialist in endodontics
      • Trusted by the profession for over 20 years
      • Expertly administered fast pain relief
      • Same-day emergency appointment