Dear Dentists,

I would like to extend my gratitude to all dentists who refer patients to Northbrook Endodontics for root canal treatment and I would like to welcome those dentists visiting our website for the first time. My team and I endeavour to return your patient to your care in a positive frame of mind so that they may continue their treatment with you.

If you are a dentist offering in-house root canal treatment to your patients, you are welcome to submit a case synopsis and x-ray image via our online consultation form. In this complimentary consultation, I will offer a diagnosis and emphasise the required treatment protocol so that you may resolve your patient’s problem or refer the patient to Northbrook Endodontics.

Whether consulting on a referred patient or an online consultation, overt criticism or comment on previous work have no place in the provision of any endodontic service carried out in our office. We do not seek to enhance our reputation in the patient’s eyes by highlighting the shortcomings of previous efforts.

My team and I look forward to hearing from you and in collaborating with you in the successful treatment of your patients.

Kind regards,

Dr John A Lordan