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Case History 1

A 38 year old female patient was referred in pain with a previously root filled lower left molar. On examination the tooth was extremely tender to touch and there was buccal swelling present with suppuration and exudate at the gingival margin in the furcation region. There was no evidence of vertical fracture present and radiographically the root canal treatment was

Case History 2

A 22 year old male was referred by his dentist as an emergency patient with acute pulpitis on a recently restored maxillary molar which had kept him awake at night with pulsating throbbing pain. We saw the patient and carried out pulpotomy as a first stage palliative procedure and the patient was scheduled for RCT two days later. The symptoms

Case History 3

A 62 year old female  was referred by her dentist for investigation of symptomatic lower left second molar which had tenderness and swelling associated with a periapical lesion. Root canal treatment was completed with a passive post retained composite core build up and the patient was referred back to have a cast restoration which we reviewed after six months. The

Case History 4

A 55 year old male was referred for retreatment on lower left first premolar which was tender to normal function and had a periapical lesion present as a result of  a sub optimal root canal treatment. The tooth was instrumented to apical patency and irrigated copiously with Sodium Hypochlorite and 17% EDTA solution utilising Passive Ultrasonic activation and the treatment

Case History 5

A  52 year old was referred for retreatment on a poorly obturated mandibular first molar which was symptomatic and scheduled for a crown. The anatomy was successfully negotiated and RCT completed with amalgam core build-up and the patient was returned to his own dentist for ongoing treatment.

Case History 6

A 38 year old male was referred after traumatising upper right central incisor with horizontal fracture evident in the apical third of the root. The tooth was stable but occasionally symptomatic particularly to heat stimulus. The tooth was anaesthetised and access to apical terminus was uneventful and after copious irrigation with Sodium Hypochlorite the tooth was obturated and the patient