Dr John A Lordan

BDS, MSD, Endo.

Dr John Lordan is an American trained endodontist (root canal specialist) and has been helping dentists maintain their patients’ teeth since 1994.

Dr Lordan graduated from UCC in 1981 and worked in general practice in the UK before spending two years as a resident studying endodontics at Boston University under the world renowned Dr Herbert Schilder. The techniques he acquired during this time are considered the gold standard in endodontic therapy and Dr Lordan applies this expertise daily in his practice with excellent treatment outcomes.

Dr Lordan is a regular presenter and attendee at endodontic meetings at home and abroad and utilizes state of the art technologies to achieve the desired results in an efficient and pain free environment. Over 90% of treatments are successfully completed in a single visit in our office and patients are referred back to their dentists for their continuing care in a positive frame of mind.



– Irish Dental Association
– Irish Endodontic Society
– European Society of Endodontics
– American Association of Endodontics
– Irish Academy of Graduate Dental Specialists

Boston University School of Dentistry – Dr Herbert Schilder

Professor, Clinician and Mentor

Over 40 years ago, Dr. Herbert Schilder at Boston University introduced a concept of cleaning and shaping root canals in a tapering shape and then “filling” that space “three–dimensionally” with gutta-percha, warmed in the canal and compacted vertically. This method became known at the “Schilder Technique”. It was his contention that all the “exits” from the tooth were clinically significant and must be sealed with a maximum amount of gutta-percha and a minimum amount of sealer to obtain the highest success rate.

Warm gutta–percha, vertically compacted has proved the MOST effective in filling the canals of severely curved roots and roots with lateral canals, or with multiple “exits”.

Dr Lordan studied in Boston university for two years with Dr Schilder and the techniques taught there are considered the gold-standard in endodontics and are practised at his practice in The Northbrook Clinic.


Dr John Lordan with Dr Schilder