Root canal therapy is performed under local anaesthetic and Dr Lordan will apply an appropriate technique to ensure your tooth and its surrounding area are completely numb so that you are totally comfortable throughout the procedure.

Before Treatment:

  • If you are taking prescription medication, please continue as per your usual routine.
  • Please eat your meals as per your normal daily routine.
  • There are usually no restrictions concerning driving or returning to work.

After treatment:

  • Your tooth and surrounding gum will be tender for a period of two days to two weeks following treatment. This tenderness will depend on the condition of the tooth before treatment and your own unique healing properties.
  • Avoid chewing on the affected tooth and avoid contact with the gum over the tooth as this will cause discomfort and delay healing.
  • Dr Lordan advises the use of Nurofen for 48 hours post treatment to ease the post operative inflammation and accelerate resolution of symptoms. Patients intolerant of Nurofen may substitute paracetamol, taken as per the manufacturers instructions, for a period of 48 hours.
  • The tenderness, pain and swelling will gradually subside  and normal function is usually restored in full two weeks post-procedure. If this is not the case, please call the office to schedule a review of the situation.

Contact our office immediately if you develop any of the following:

  • Visible swelling inside or outside of your mouth.
  • An allergic reaction to medication, including: rash, hives or itching (nausea is not an allergic reaction).
  • A return of the original symptoms.
  • If your bite feels uneven.

Please note: If the temporary restoration or filling feels ‘high’ 24 hours post-procedure, please ring the office to schedule a review of the bite on the tooth.

Returning to the care of your general dentist:

  • A report and radiographs are forwarded to your general dentist and you will return to their care for any further treatment.
  • Dr Lordan will review your root canal approximately six months post-treatment and there is no charge for this review.